Thank God I’m pretty…….

Yesterday I was going to write about how a lot of men don’t seem to get past your outsides. For example, some friends of mine decided to introduce me to a friend of theirs. A few problems with this hook up.

1. He’s Brazilion. I’m not sure what that means… but I’m beginning to get a pretty good idea.

2. He could not seem to remember one important thing about me or who I am as a person other than what he could see with his eyeballs. (Example… the man kept trying to feed me corn… after I said that I was allergic to it several times.)

3. They male of the cupid couple told him that I was notinterested in anything other than “hooking up.” I was quite unamused with that tidbit of information.

4. Now we know why on the first date he imagined I would go upstairs with him and on the second date that I would stay the night and take care of the HUGE boner he developed while trying to make out with me while I kept saying I needed to go.

Actually… I wouldn’t really consider either of these meetings dates… I mean, I went to my friends house and he cooked all of us dinner and then all of us watched a movie together. The next encounter I went over there and made all of us dinner and we watched a movie then as well. Both times there were attempts to get in my pants.


My response to all of this was the following:



Now… I adore this artist… and I think this song is hilarious! And I am just going to start singing it to men who have no interest in who I am as a person and simply see me as a hole to fill. Why? Because it will make my walls so much easier to maintain because the men I do this to will think I’m a bitch and will go away… possibly forever.

I’m at the point now where I’m just not interested in anyone. There are those who are worthy… and those are the ones that may or may not get the goodies. Everyone else can shove off. I’m in love, as usual, with someone I can probably never have… and I’m okay with that. At the very leasts it helps me to keep the rejects at bay.

Well.. I should probably end my lunch now. My writing seems to be so much better when I do it in the morning… A little more focused then. I need to work on that.


One thought on “Thank God I’m pretty…….

  1. Richardttu says:

    I think we give up on the “dating” thing from time to time. I know I do. I may be strange, but I am tired of hookups and do not want to invest time in something that is no supposed to last.

    Right now, I am just being happy with me. But I will dip my toes back in to the dating pool eventually.

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