Random crap about other people that bothers me… or Why I stay in my room.

1. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS… LIKE THE TEA: So… you live with other people. And you walk in the kitchen, you get your teacup all ready, put the teabag in it and turn on the teapot. Then you go do other stuff while you are waiting for the water to boil because multi-tasking is a good skill and everyone should use it.

So the whistle goes off and someone is in the kitchen and standing right there and they turn the burner off before you can hear the whistle. But do they tell you the water is hot? No. Do they pour the boiling water over your teabag for you? No. So… your boiling water is now getting cold. When mom boils water for tea I not only pour the water over the tea for her, but I also tell her that I have done so, because she does not like her tea strong. She likes it to look like gnat piss and to taste like hot water. I say, why not just drink hot water? But I digress. My point here is….. I have obviously prepared my cup and my teabag and boiled water for boiling tea….. I pour the tea for others… why don’t others think to pour the tea for others? My friends pour the tea for others….. Hmmmmmm. Ponderous.

Just a little song, in case you don’t know about the importance of boiling water for tea:

2. HAZARDS TO OTHERS AND SHARING INFORMATION: You see a guy (or a girl) driving down the road and their tire is going flat… like really flat. Not quite on the rim flat… but close… You just stare at them. You don’t honk. You don’t try to let them know…. you just drive by or stare. Really? Not only is this a hazard to them and whoever is riding in their car… but it’s a hazard to you and others on the road around you…. especially at 70 miles per hour, you selfish dilrod! This also applies to people whose trunks are not shut and don’t seem to have a blockage… they just didn’t get closed, or maybe someone closed their dress in the door, or maybe their car is on fire…. For Gods sake… it isn’t going to hurt you to voice an observation of that sort. Most people appreciate it. And if they don’t… not your problem. You did your duty as a good human being.

3. THERE IS A WORLD PAST THE END OF YOUR NOSE: No really…. there is. Just because you can’t access it, doesn’t mean you can’t see it. And if you aren’t part of a solution, you are part of the problem. Hi there…. Note there are other humans around you with issues, possibly just like yours. Maybe you can help eachother. Even in a small way like encouragement. Wow… so simple…. go figure.

4. SO YOUR LIFE IS BORING…..: I don’t want to be involved in your type of “excitement.” People who can’t go find some wholesome excitement in their lives and require drama and gossip to survive. I don’t want to be involved. I do not want to be sucked in to it. I know how I get and I don’t like myself when I am that way. It is just easier for me to become a hermit. *sigh* I don’t want to hear about who said she said he said they said he did and then they said bla bla bla bla. I don’t care who slept with who or who hit on who or who said what to who. Go away. I have Warrior Dash training to do and I’m struggling with my own drama that I do not feel the need to impose upon the people I care about… so … Just go. This isn’t soap opera week, baby.

5. MEN: If I didn’t like their anatomy so much, I would totally become a Lesbian. Actually, I take that back. I’ve dated women. We are way worse than men and they don’t have Penises. I accept that men are they way they are and that is okay with me. I’m building a trebuchet and I have a pile of boulders… why? Because most men are oblivious and so if you throw rocks at them, they will go away. Using a trebuchet and boulders means I have to throw less rocks and my aim doesn’t have to be so hot and I can hit more than one oblivious man in one shot. I could get into something really detailed about the obliviousness of men… but if you are a man, you already know you are oblivious, and if you didn’t…. now you do. If you are a woman… you also know the details of man obliviousness. I’d just be preaching to the choir. Anyways… back to accepting that men are men and are nothing like women and they never will be. Once you get past that, it’s not so bad. Now to find one that isn’t scared of commitment. HAH! I find for the most part, they are all just trying to get in my pants. Sorry… that doesn’t make you special or make me want you. I can get that pretty much anywhere I go, and I’m not even that hot. Okay.. bored of this topic.

6. ANGRY PEOPLE: I’m sorry that you are angry. Find a way to deal with it. Don’t take it out on everyone around you. Your spewing of negativity is not doing anyone any good… including yourself. You know what all the negative energy you are throwing around does? Starts wars, cancer, divorce, major world catastrophes. No really, it does. Find a better way to release it… it’s possible. Seriously.

Don’t believe me? Thoughts become things, watch this:

7. THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ADVICE GIVERS: It’s fine to offer advice to people. But if they don’t agree with your advice, or don’t take your advice… don’t get pissed off about it. I mean, I’m sure you are not the first person to give that advice. It’s also entirely possible that you don’t know the whole story and your advice doesn’t apply to the particular situation. But getting angry about it, taking it personally or ending a friendship over it is really ridiculous. And if that is the kind of person you are….. you are not the kind of person I want in my life. Sorry. Thanks for the advice. Take your self-righteous anger elsewhere.

Okay… my mind is starting to wander a bit…. And my daughter needs the laptop. She NEEDS it. No really… for school. Have a good one. Please feel free to list the things about people that bother you below…. Cram your info down my throat. I like it.


4 thoughts on “Random crap about other people that bothers me… or Why I stay in my room.

  1. crystal wright says:

    Wow you bring up things I think but just don’t put out there I really should start.

  2. Richard Lawrence says:

    #4 is spot on. I try to live a drama free life but I am not always so lucky. As for commitment, well sometimes events lead us to be afraid. in my case, it is a long sob story no one wants to hear.

    I am trying not to “cram this down your throat” LOL

  3. Richard Lawrence says:

    Too nice I guess!

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