Racism… wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go……

So… the past 2 days I have talked myself out of bed and done my allotted 200 flights of stairs. I will do so again today, I just haven’t talked myself into it yet.
So for now I am content to eat my completely organic oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries and apples and drink my chai tea. As I talk about the ridiculously stupid things on my mind to you.

On my mind this morning… racism.

So I am in this group called “The Root” on Facebook. I am not exactly sure how that occurred but there I am. They talk mostly about things that effect the black community. I am not black. In fact I am as far from any color as anyone can get. I glow in the dark. I sparkle in the sun like the Cullens. I am alabaster white, my friends. What amazes me is that most people of color that I know, and this isn’t all inclusive to blacks, it includes all colors, are more racist than most of the white people I have ever met.

And on the word racism…. when any form that I have to fill out, be it governmental or otherwise asks me for my race, I make a new box, check it, and write “HUMAN” next to it. Because that is my race. If you want to know my ethnicity… you should ask me that.

I am of the HUMAN race…. My ethnicity should not matter. We all bleed red blood. Our internal organs are all relatively in the same place and have the same functions as everyone else in the HUMAN race does. The color of one’s skin matters just as little as the clothing one wears.

It irritates me that people wish to break up the HUMAN population into color classes and gender classes. It’s actually painful to watch and listen to the ignorance. And yes…… we all do it to some extant. And next time you hear yourself doing it…. think about how stupid you sound. How about we break people down into their levels of enlightenment. Current presidential candidates are in the kindergarten class. They have not a clue. In fact, I have yet to encounter a bigger bunch of ignoramaces in my life as I have in our current presidential choices. I am sad. The things that come out of their mouths are so astoundingly moronic, I just am embarrassed to be a member of the human race. I really do hope no other beings are watching us from afar… because if they are, they must truly know that the majority of us are a lost cause. They probably don’t even know about the few enlightened. Thanks a lot you big stupids….. I will enjoy dying over your idiocracy.



5 thoughts on “Racism… wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go……

  1. I think where one grows up has much to do with the racism they encounter, and to understand the history behind African American’s view to racism, you have to really understand it. Many comments come out of hurt and ect, does it make it correct? No.

    In my 24 years, here is the racism I encountered.
    -At age 5, my 1st grade teacher told me I was stupid because I tested two grades ahead of the smartest white child in class and she would mentally abuse me everyday.
    -At age 6, when I was placed in home-school, the group consisted of more than 100 white families that had placed their children in the group, after being the only “African American” in the group, a term which I use loosely because I was born in Italy and come from a Jamaican mother with an Indian, French, and Native grandparents, but that’s another story… the group dwindled down to 13 families, of those 13 families, 8 of them were black families that joined after my family joined.
    -At age 8, I heard a pastor (Caucasian) come to my church and preach that the “black” race was a cursed race and it was sinful to be attracted to white women. True Story.
    -At age 12-15 I encountered more racism than merited. My next door neighbor was hung for being intimate with a white girl, I was threatened on multiple occasions for my interest in white girls. Oh get this, I was walking to my dad’s job one-day and had a truck full of white guys and a little boy heckle me and tell me to go back to Africa and asked if I’d like to be strung up like my friend. This is when Jesse Jackson was in town marching.
    -At age 22, when I was transferring from my job to out of state, a group of white guys placed a hangman’s noose inside my locker because I was friendly with the white girl’s at my job.

    These are a few stories from my youth involving racism, I understand why, from a different perspective and context, why many minorities are racist or (appear) to be blatantly racist than other racist. They need a place to vent, even sometimes I have to vent, because no matter where I’ve gone, I’ve experienced multiple forms of racism and when I hear other minorities make racist comments or express certain thoughts… I understand more than most, why. Have you experienced racism such as this? Can you relate? I fully understand what the depths of having a “black” president means to minorities, I am one, and in American, have always been made known to feel as if I am one.

    At the end of the day, wrong is wrong, and racism against any group is a putrid and disgusting stain in the heart of humanity that must be removed.

    • Using the term “African-American” loosely or at all is just silly in your case then. Don’t call yourself something you are not. You are NOT from Africa. You are Italian-American, because you were born in Italy… does that mean you have dual citizenship? Another ponderous question. The color of your skin is irrelevant to your heritage.

      And you are right. It is as though humans require something to be angry about…. and it shouldn’t be color or heritage. It should be others who are actually wrong to one another. We should be outraged by injustice acts to other humans… not outraged by the color of one’s skin.

  2. Richard Lawrence says:

    Those who have real skills, could make more money by not going into politics. Not to mention those who have souls choose to stay out of the field as well.

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