I can’t get no sleep…..

Let’s start this ridiculousness off with some music, shall we…..




Last night I didn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes….. at a time. I would sleep for 15 minutes and then I would wake up and stay awake anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. My head hurts slightly this morning…

REM sleep occurs in bursts totalling about 2 hours a night, usually beginning about 90 minutes after falling asleep. Which means… I got NO REM sleep. REM sleep is really important….. It has major ties to learning capabilities and memory retention…. And as I can’t seem to remember shyte, my inability to sleep normal looks to be more and more the cause of this issue.

I do not feel rested… and yet I have a much stronger motivation than usual to do my 200 flights of stairs… with 2 minutes of planking added to the end. And I am not talking about that stupid-ass internet phenomena they call planking!


I’m talking about actual planking.


Now that we have that squared away…. obviously my lack of usable sleep also has got me in writing mode… why? Because apparently in all my moments of trying to go back to sleep my mind was thinking about stupid, useless crap that no one cares about. For example… I feel like baking. I don’t know that I will actually bake… but I want to….. I also want to whip together a new roll for my knitting needles as the store bought one is falling apart and I need more spaces anyway. So I would just make a bigger and better version. Like I said yesterday, I wish I were manic… then at least I would have moments of accomplishing something. Pffffft. As it is, I just think about it and then I think… “why bother?” Nobody cares. No one is going to give a sqwadiddlyhooptydoo if I accomplish anything or not. No one cares if my ass goes from flabby to fabulous… but me. And I obviously don’t matter to anyone but myself… *sigh* Unless, of course, you need to know what the weather is on the pass or you want to get in my pants…… or you need something made for you… like some medieval garb, or a hat or some mitts or a fracking sammich. (Yes… I know it’s spelled “sandwich”, I just like to spell it like I like to say it… sammich. Kiss my dragon, bitches.)

On the upside of this not sleeping and feeling a little more motivated to accomplish something: I find that when I work out, I do sleep better. So… maybe that will help. Because I have not done my stairs for several days now. I’m a slacker.

I think what sucks the most about the writing thing is that I have so many things on my mind and it becomes difficult for me to stick with one thing. Stupid inundation of information running through my head at the speed of light…. Ooooooo….. that’s what we will talk about next time I write.

Oh… another thing I wanted to talk about. I watched “The Help” last night. Good movie. You should totally watch it. Probably not if you are guy, though. Most guys wouldn’t like it, I don’t think. But I found it to be wonderful. And it made me sad how pathetic we are as a human race that we judge people by the color of their skin…. Well.. that always makes me sad… but I digress. Watch it. It was great. And it’s an excellent history reference that everyone can learn something from.

Okay. Love you. I’m gonna go find something to watch while I stair…. and then I am going to lay down and cry a little bit. On the upside… it’s sunny out. I may open my curtains in my room today. Woohoo for me.


One thought on “I can’t get no sleep…..

  1. Richardttu says:

    I have long struggled with insomnia. It is a foe I know all to well. Often, after a couple of nights in a row, it leaves me with unattached, random thoughts. When I try putting them down on “paper”, it seems they never fit together, so I am left with scraps, that have no where to go.

    At least they are down on paper though, just in case there is a place to put them someday.

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