Have you had your plus sign today? Obviously not. And I think it’s Hilarious.

So… someone posts a photo with a happy thought on it.

Then someone comes along and says something negative about their happy thought. Another person comes along and points out the negative person’s negativity and their opinion of it.

Suddenly… the negative person twists the entire conversation to ensue to try and convince the person that pointed out their negativity that they are pathetic and that they take everything personally.

Why is it that Negativity guy can post his opinion… but no one is allowed to have an opinion about his opinion? Seriously? No one is allowed to have an opinion but you? And God forbid, someone have an opinion about your opinion…. that would be blasphemous.

And because your opinion is negative, and you back it up with your high- and-mightiness….. i.e. “I have a good relationship, so I should know” or “I’ve been married for 33 years” or “I am a recovering Alcoholic” or a “recovering drug addict” or “I’m saved!”

Well good for you! I’m proud of you. That doesn’t make you better than anyone else… and it definately does not put you in the position to tell other people how pathetic they are or that because their opinion isn’t just like yours that they are wrong somehow.

Opinions are like assholes, and everybody’s got one. If you are going to throw yours out there… be prepared for some feedback. Especially if your opinion is negative and mean and it’s on something that was meant to be heartwarming and sweet. People are going to say something… really. And before you say you think I took any response they had to my opinion about their negativity personally, I did not. I actually enjoyed the conversation as they continually tried to twist the conversation to make me look like the bad guy. Except I couldn’t… because I had others backing me up …. because why? Because I wasn’t being negative. Simply observant….

And on that note… why do people feel the need to comment on other people’s negativity, but have no desire to let someone know that their tire is flat or that their gas cap is left open or that they left their coffee or their purse on the top of their car or that their trunk is open or that things are flying out of the back of their truck or that they are dragging a long rope behind them with a child attached by the ankle…..

What happened to helping a brotha out?

Okay.. I’m done ranting now. I’ve been depressed as hell these past couple of days to the point of not wanting to do anything. I mean… it’s still a “why Botha?” moment for me…. Ugh…. Yakima sucks the life from me. On the upside, I finished two green apple hats, adult and baby and I finished two sets of mitts…. small and large. Yeah me. Now to just set up my etsy page or some junk….


2 thoughts on “Have you had your plus sign today? Obviously not. And I think it’s Hilarious.

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    • You may have a point……. but I disagree. The simple recognition that something is negative, is not necessarily negative. It’s a simple observation. Recognizing that a tree is a tree does not make it one. Recognizing the difference between red and green has no effect on the color. An observation is just an observation and a voiced observation does not make whatever is being observed what it is. My voiced observation was in no way negative on the comment thread I refer to in this blog. And I understand that with out me posting said conversation where you can see it, you have no way of judging that. And frankly…. I don’t care, because I’m just ranting as a practice in writing. I’m not the type of person to publicly humiliate others by posting their downfalls on the interwebs. The purpose of this blog is to help ME attain some sort of schedule in my pathetic fallen apart life in my fight against depression…… which I have not been keeping on task with. So, on a positive note, thanks for bringing me back.

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