Grammar and spelling…. could you make just a little tiny effort? Please?

I got this message on a route sheet I was processing this morning:  “The doctor want someone to come out to check there sprinkler controls, he wants them turn down so sprinkler don’t water as much.” Lovely English there, my friend…. (FYI, this person makes more than I do and the only language they know is English, so it isn’t a translation issue.) Good God, I hope it wasn’t a direct quote from the doctor himself…. arrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!

When did proper grammar and spelling become a non-issue? Do I have any teachers reading this that are now pulling their hair out and banging their head against their desk? I’m not even a teacher and this drives me absolutely insane!!!

At my storage unit, there are signs posted all over the place that say “Smile! Your on camera.” I have an “on camera?” Someone turn it off… I don’t know where it is and that is surely wasting battery life!!!

Every time I see this it makes my stomach turn… no really. And that is probably really anal retentive of me. Wow… how uppity am I? But I can’t help it. I grew up in a household where my Grandmother, who was an English professor at OSU, was always correcting my grammar. She proof read all my school papers. I am not perfect by any means… and people make mistakes, of cours. Especially now-a-days where we have all these lovely spell-correcting gadgets at our fingertips that we fail to proof read on our own because we have become too lazy to do so. We expect our gadgets to do it for us. And then there is the fact, yes FACT, that our education system is slowly but surely failing us because the government cannot seem to keep it’s nose out of it.

I beg you… figure out the difference between “your,” “you’re,” and “yore.” Know the difference between “there,” “they’re,” and “their.” Just try to put a little effort into it…. it doesn’t take that much time. Really, it doesn’t. Speaking of “time,” how about “thyme?” We could go on… but I’m just going to end that rant here.


One thought on “Grammar and spelling…. could you make just a little tiny effort? Please?

  1. IamPet Moore says:

    I will check my spelling and place commas and periods as needed (only if REALLY needed though) and on rare occasion even use a capital letter but for some reason I am seriously adverse to the apostrophe. hope that’s enough to keep your eyes from bleeding. xoxo (note that the preceding apostrophe was placed by some auto correct feature not by me)

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