A few things stuck in my craw today…..

(Day 3 of 100)  – Note to the most amazing man in the world…. you really don’t have to read this as you heard me vent about it earlier…. I’m just saying.

Okay… so big news of today, the Seattle Seahawks won and are going to the Superbowl. The Denver Broncos also won and are also going to the Superbowl. I am super happy about both… because these are my favorite teams!  So what does this mean? Not only do I get to Cheer the whole entire game… but no matter who wins I will  be happy. Oh, go boo-hiss your own selves.

That is not what is stuck in my craw…. what is stuck in my craw is that today’s game was not necessarily the Seahawk’s best game, even if they won. And at the end of it all I saw the worst display of sportsmanship from one of my beloved Seahawks and it really made me feel not very great about about my team. Apparently Crabtree from the 49ers was talking some smack to Sherman… and when Erin Andrews asks him about the final play, he goes off like some muscle brained teenager behaving the exact same way. What is sad is that they just won the game that gets them to the superbowl…. and that is how he represents his team. Honestly… I (and many others) didn’t even notice the Crabtree incident, which made him look even more like an idiot. Is it really necessary to belittle yourself in front of God and everyone just because someone else did it to you? No…. Just let it go and walk away. Be the bigger man.

View it here:

Okay… so on to the next thing stuck in my craw…. Seattle trying to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Welcome to the world of Millennials. I make a little over $15 an hour currently. And I have college behind me and 20+ years of experience. What a world we live in. A couple things wrong with this proposal. Small businesses cannot afford to pay that kind of wage to people that are new to the workforce. People with little to no training, No schooling, no experience…. And so what will happen?  They will have to employ fewer people. They may even go out of business. The results of that? People who would have had jobs now on unemployment. What is with these people thinking that somehow the world owes them something? And to say that people can’t afford to live in the city on minimum wage is a crock. My daughter makes minimum wage and she lives in the city. She buys what she needs and only buys things she “wants” when she has the spare money to do so. But we live now in a society where a lot of our young people think that they can just be irresponsible and expect everyone else to cover them. Can’t afford to raise a family on minimum wage? Why are you raising a family? You chose to do it… you figure it out. I did, on my own. One income… you can too. I cannot believe how ignorant our supposed leaders are. Yes, Mayor Ed Murray… I am talking to you. *Sigh*. You raise minimum wage and prices will increase so that business can afford to pay it. And you’ve just entirely defeated the purpose of what you think you are doing that is so (NOT) great. Also.. .everyone one will be trying to move to Seattle for the minimum wage jobs…. more homeless, more unemployed… good job. If people could learn to be more responsible with their spending habits, maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. quick …. let’s all go out and get some credit cards.

Want to know more about working with Millenials? Watch this.

Those few things being said…… I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent at you.

As for this weekend… it was good. I cooked Pho soup and made Crab Cheese rangoons. It was delicious. I also was reminded of how wonderful 15 minutes of yoga is and how great 15 minutes of meditation is. It was a good weekend and the majority of it was spent with the most amazing man in the world… and a little bit of it was spent with my daughter. Which was also good as she had to come over the mountains for an appointment tomorrow.

Hasta la bye bye for now.


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