Letter to Richard Sherman

(Day 5 of 100)

Dear Mr. Sherman,

On the day that the Seahawks played the 49er’s several things occurred.  We were watching a game that was not the Seahawk’s best, aside from the fact that they did win the game. There were questionable calls and some serious injuries. At the end of it all you made the winning play! Go you!!! All the fans were yelling and screaming in the stands. People at home in front of their televisions were throwing popcorn in the air, hugging friends and family, texting or tweeting or facebooking their friends who are 49er fans “IN YOUR FACE!!!” When something happened. Something happened that 50% or more of us missed because of the above mentioned activities. Now I know it may be hard for some people to believe (including yourself) that once the Seahawks were pronounced “THE WINNERS” some of us stopped looking at your beautiful behind and just went ballistic with our happy dancing… but it’s true. We did. And in doing so… we missed this…..

sherman-crabtree-960The next thing that happened was this:

And that is when those of us who didn’t see Crabtree perform this heinous act of unsportsmanlike behavior were like… “WTF? Why you killing my Seahawk high?”  After the initial shock of that I had the following twitter conversation:

TwitterSo… regarding above conversation… First off, Mr Sherman… I would like to respectfully apologize to you for calling you a “retarded jackass.” It was not so much me defining you as a person… as it was defining your behavior.

Now… the person I had the twitter conversation with is a really great person. I like her and her husband very much. And they are die-hard Seahawks fans.  So I can fully understand her coming to your defense. She even insinuates that she may or may not know you personally. So if you have friends in Yakima WA… let me tell you… they have your back.

I understand that you have worked very hard in school and in your sport to be where you are now, and that is to be commended. I am not judging you as a person on your behavior… we all do and/or say things from time to time that we all are ashamed of. The difference is that you did it in front of millions. I merely commented on my opinion of said behavior. That does not mean I was judging you. It means I had an opinion about your behavior. That is all. End note. (And we all know what they say about opinions… they are like A-holes and everybody’s got one)

You seem to have the makings of a great person… maybe next time some jerk-wad acts like an ass-hat to you, you could stop…. take a breath… and then take the high road. Not only did he talk crap… but your team won the game. Making him look all the more like an ass and he drug you right down there with him and you let him. Some people would say… “oh, it was the adrenaline.” That is no excuse. That’s like saying, my girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife pissed me off and I was all angry and worked up so I punched them in the face. No. It’s just not okay.

My opinion is you are stronger than that and should behave as such. (Still, I’m apparently a hypocrite for expecting better of you, and if I was your personal friend, I would still have the same opinion and I would tell you so. Because true friends don’t bullshit their friends.)

At any rate… I hope the ridiculousness of your mistake blows over soon… and I also hope this explains a bit to my friends (or maybe no longer my friends) what I meant…. versus what they think I meant. I also hope that it helps you, if you ever read this, even though you probably won’t.  It’s ok to mess up…. just try not to do it in front of millions as the backlash seems to be a bitch.

Now get out there and kick butt in the Superbowl.

Kindest regards,





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