American Hustle… and normal non-hustle

(Day 8 of 100) Somehow I feel like I have so far to go……..

I don’t have much to say today….. As usual I think about the subjects I want to write about only when I am working. Or I’m in bed. You know, sleeping.  And then I promptly forget them. Grrrrrrrrr. Very very frustrating, you ken?

At any rate….. I went running with the man this evening… it was cold. I saw snow in front of my light. My broken toes became painfully numb, if that makes any sense at all.  I was actually very warm. We ran thru hop fields. And regardless of what Batman thinks… there were no scary Mexicans out there. (Hey! Don’t be getting all excited and saying I’m racist. I didn’t say it. Batman did. I just repeated what she said. You’re really confused now, aren’t you?)

I had a wonderful epiphany in my car today….. I’m terrified. I’m just gonna leave that one there and let you mull it over.

Watched American Hustle after work while I drank a glass of wine with the man and theater full of strangers all drinking and munching away on their chicken strips and sliders and salads and steaks and such. There was not much dancing, but there was quite a bit of hustling. And quite a few of them were dressed appropriately for disco. I liked it. I could watch it again. Especially with that wine. It was good wine.

Now… my shoulders hurt a little bit. Whilst running I had a vague cramp again at the corner of neck and shoulder. Why? Who knows. What I do know is I need to run more. That was good.

Good night and stuff.


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