With my phone’s last breath

(Day 11 of 100)

I asked for ideas on what to blog about today on my Facebook page. I got some very good ones. And I think I may very well write about each and every one of them. But not today.

Today I am talking into my phone as the battery constantly reminds me that it is low. And therefore, this is not going to be a blog about any of those things.

In fact, it’s not going to be very much of a blog at all. I will say that a very beautiful girl posted a very beautiful photo of her new son. He is quite a handsome young man. And she mentioned what a distraction he has been today and she was trying to finish a paper that she’s working on. And I was reminded of what a distraction I found my children to be when they were young and so much of a distraction. And I look back upon it now and I realize they were the most beautiful distractions that anyone could ever ask for. They disrupted my life and my dreams in every way possible. And I am so very thankful for it that my heart could burst when I think of it. I look at them know that they have grown and moved out on their own, spreading their wings and testing their ability to fly, and I realized that I helped to shape and create that. And it could’ve turned out much worse. But in fact it turned out much better than I had hoped or that I had imagined.

(This photo is by http://mariannainsomnia.deviantart.com/art/The-Birds-Have-Flown-334850345)

I am so proud of my babies. And I miss when they were small. And I wish that I had realized then how important those moments were to me while they were happening.

So I’m going to go to bed now and plug in my phone and I’ll just leave these thoughts here.


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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