Friends, acquaintances, and some guy you had a photo-op with.

(Day 12 of 100) Slacking off already, eh?

The problem is I write best in the morning. I also have a horrible time sleeping and so by the time I get to sleep my alarm is going off and I am NOT ready to start my day. Today… I have to meet the office girls for breakfast, so I am forced to start my day early……. and I find that I missed you, Morning. I missed you lots.

See, when I get home from work… I come here.. where I am really not happy and the life get’s sucked out of me. I don’t want to move. I stare blankly at my projects and I know I need to work on them but there is this motivation sucking thing…. (No, it isn’t the TV) and it just seems to suck all life out of me. I apparently need to make some changes if I am going to blog every day….

I started on my lunch yesterday on a blog about friendship. I don’t think that I want to write about it in detail so much as I just want to make a comment. And so I deleted the whole thing because it was just getting really convoluted and long and it began to make no sense. So here is my commentary.  Previously I wrote about a person who insinuated that they may or may not have some sort of relationship with a celebrity. Several days later they posted a photo of said celebrity holding their baby….. in an area that is staged for that type of thing. Okay….. Cool. Here’s the thing. I am hoping that posting that picture wasn’t their way of trying to convince people that they know said celebrity personally. I might assume that if he was holding your baby while sitting in your living room. (Photo-shopping it just doesn’t count) But just about anyone can have their pic taken with a celebrity in a staged area that is set up for that purpose.

I’ve had dinner with, hung out with, had beers with, spent entire weekends with celebrities. We have chatted online, corresponded via email, talked on the telephone. I’ve been sent tickets, been picked up at the airport by managers and driven to an event just to hang out with some people. However, I would not attempt to lead someone to believe that they are my close personal friends. They are people that I met and hung out with. Some of them were my friends for a while and we kept in touch. Now we do not. We have grown apart. Why? Because we have lives. (their lives are a lot busier than mine) We have grown apart. And we don’t live anywhere near one another.They may remember me. They may not. At this point in our lives we aren’t even acquaintances. We are past acquaintances. To say that I “knew” them is an understatement. I knew them in that moment that I spent with them. Some of them I knew better than others because we actually were friends that corresponded for quite some time. I could not tell you anything more about most of them than can be found in the media, more than likely. Okay… maybe a few personal quirks that I noticed while spending that time.. but not much more.

A friend is someone that keeps in contact with you. Be it constant contact on some social medium, or by text or spending time with you. They are interested in what is going on in your life and make an effort to reach out to you. And there are different levels of friendship as well that I will not delve into at this time because I should be getting ready for work. As I am a day behind on blogging… I will post another blog later.

Ciao babies.



2 thoughts on “Friends, acquaintances, and some guy you had a photo-op with.

  1. kitwest61 says:

    You’re not alone regarding mornings. Although, I’ve never known many if any celebrities…I once met HRH ERII but I don’t think that counts as I hadn’t a clue it was her majesty at the time, and she most definitely wouldn’t remember me lol

    Nice blog. Thanks. Regards Kit

    • Thanks for reading, Kitwest61. I think some people make too big of a deal about meeting celebrities. I think most of them just like being treated like regular people (which they are.) When you met HRH ERII… she probably thoroughly enjoyed that you did not know who she was. *grin* I know that some people that I have been introduced to or that have approached me that I did not recognize right off and treated like a regular person told me later that they liked that I wasn’t all super weird and fan-girling over them. (I tend to treat the ones I do recognize like normal people too.)

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