No Title for this…. that would be bad form.

(Day 13 of 100) Second blog of the day as I am a slacktastical slacker. I know that my son is working on some writing projects… however… I did not realize how decently he writes. I am pretty pleased with his writing. **Proud mama**Please feel free to go see it if you are into gaming at all… He is. That’s what it is about.

Anyway… It’s lunch time… I’m eating lunch. Getting new computers in the office today and mine is last. My brain hurts from trying to remember all the stuff we have to have done to each one etc. etc. Yeah… I’m the computer chick here.. As my desk is in the front office… there is a lot of noise and a lot going on and my mind is on about 80 different subjects right now. Sounds much like the shouting matches you would hear on the Wallstreet trading floor in there. I may feel a migraine coming on.

Hence… Blog number 13 will fail miserably. I find myself wishing that this morning’s blog  (yesterdays) was the one I am posting now… because 13 is my favorite number in the whole wide world. *Deep sigh* I simply cannot focus on a single subject to write upon and I find myself longing for 4:30am… when my thoughts are clearer and I can linger on the keyboard.

I do want to thank the people that visited and clicked the follow button today. It made me feel good. I hope I can write some things here that you will enjoy. It’s time to install my computer now. so… Tomorrow morning then? (I’m a little excited…. kind of like when you know you are going to get to sneak away and meet your lover in a special place… and the anticipation is just killing you.)

Have a wonderful evening, my babies. *muwah*


One thought on “No Title for this…. that would be bad form.

  1. kitwest61 says:

    Waiting for your good time moments, your morning muse, your inspiral sunrise….

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