Snow Shoes in California

(Day 14 of 100)

All right! Back to it. So, I caught this fabulous cold from my BF’s children and normally I don’t even get sick. It’s a rarity. But this knocked me on my butt. So I’m now I’m back, from outer space… and I walk in and find you here with that strange look upon your face….. I left the door unlocked for you and I even left you the link to go watch my movie trailer which will be having it’s world premier on February 22nd in YakiCrack Washington of all places. On the upside of that, we are partnering with the YWCA and part of our proceeds go to them to help fund their domestic violence programs. What is not cool about that? Nothing!  So if any of you at all are in the state of WA, you should go. It’s going to be all red carpet and dress like a star kind of thing. I’m super stoked.

Yesterday my poor little fur baby got fixed. She is feeling a bit under the weather today… of course… but her inner puppiness keeps coming out and she keeps jumping up on the bed and jumping down off the bed and then she goes and hides in her bed when it hurts too much. Poor sweety face. =(    She is part terrier and part toy chihuahua and she weighs all of 4 1/2 lbs. She’s super super adorable. 

On to the Superbowl! Both of my favorite teams in the whole wide world are playing so it’s going to be a super awesome game for me. I get to cheer at everything and no matter who wins I will be happy. I got these great cookies….



That’s right… on superbowl day I will be eating Richard Sherman’s Jersey in all it’s frosted almond shortbready flavored goodness. Omnomnomnomnomnom. Are you ready for some football?

I was going to deliver one to my “not my twitter or FB friend any more because she deleted me because I still think Sherman’s behavior was bad form” friend… but I decided not. I will instead share the other cookie with my BF. Because he likes me just the way I am… even if we don’t agree on something. He deserves it way more.

On a blog topic…. A friend of mine wanted me to blog about wearing snowshoes in the summertime in California. As I have only ever worn snowshoes in the winter… I informed him I would have difficulty blogging on such a topic. He explained that when he was a trucker, he had purchased some snowshoes and proceeded to take pictures of himself in various places across the United States while wearing them. We will never see these pictures, however, as someone stole his camera. Why are people such azzholes? Taking things that don’t belong to them as if the world owes them something or some such nonsense. Grrrrrr… that would have been a decent montage to see. Oh well. I suppose wearing them in the desert would be just as difficult as wearing them in the sand or on pavement or anywhere else for that matter. They just aren’t super easy to walk in. I do enjoy them in the snow though. At least there, they have a purpose.

Okay then…. I’m out. Thanks for sticking with the rambling if you are still here. 



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