God or Science?

(Day 18 of 100)

I am super excited today! What started it? An athiest friend of mine decided to start a discussion about believing in God and believing in science.
In that discussion I was told that I was stupid, closed minded, and illogical.

I wish that I was having that debate with them in person. Because while they are getting all huffy and puffy with me the more I fail to bend to their way of thinking… the more I am laughing and smiling at their unimaginative mind. The more I am saddened by the fact that they have lost their sense of wonder. How they have lost that imagination that used to give them the ability to play for hours-on-end with a cardboard box pretending it was something other than what it was. Because imagination is what breeds idea… and ideas become something tangible. And one can argue that that is what this debate is really about… something tangible. And yet… God is tangible to me. But maybe it is because I believe that I somehow know him a little.

I wonder how it is that I can feel and see God all around me and others cannot? I wonder how those who claim to know God are so mean and hateful? Because I think if they truly knew God… they wouldn’t be.

I feel like I am caught in the middle. Those who do not believe are against me… and those who do believe are against me as well. My ideas do not fall in line with the bible beater and they are too imaginative and open minded for the atheist. And all I can do is laugh when they come at me. For I find it amusing and bewildering that they cannot conceive of my idea of God vs Science. That they cannot even ponder the notion for a fraction of a second.

They like to tell me that because I am a Christian I believe in Creationism. They are right. Then they tell me that only evolutionism is logical because there is scientific proof. I agree with that as well. (Now they are confused as hell.) My question is… how long is a day to God? One person’s comeback was “24 hours.” To that I say… 24 hours is the length of a day on earth which is where we live… so yes.. that is true. but if you are an omnipotent being who created not only earth but the surrounding universe do you think that his day is limited to 24 hours? We say a day is from the time the sun rises until it rises again… (approximately…. which actually holds no weight what-so-ever if you live in Alaska.) What if you live on a planet with two suns? And those are scientifically proven to exist. We know that there are other solar systems out there that are perfectly capable of sustaining life. I think that God created every single thing around us. I think that it is presented in the bible in a way that human beings at the time could understand it. But what people fail to realize is that it’s just a story… written by a man who was inspired by his God…. Honestly… did the guy who wrote it really have the ability to scientifically prove it? Of course not. Hello? *shaking my head*
What blows my mind is that some people take things so literally… and then say that I am the closed minded one. I believe that everything scientifically proven has merit. I also believe that it was part of God’s grand design. Every cell, every big bang, every star in the sky and single celled amoeba. There are still many things that Man has yet to figure out completely via science.
They argue evolutionism with me. Well, I believe that evolution occurs. but I have to question that we came from primates. Because if we did… why are there still primates? We are greedy eaters of the world… maybe we came from cockroaches. And why has evolution slowed so drastically? If we as human beings are as good as evolution gets… what a sad day. I am disheartened. Because we are really not that great.

In the beginning God created science. There’s potentially a God. Now what are you going to do with your life?

I honestly would love to have an open discussion about this if anyone would care to do so. However, if you choose to discuss… I would hope that you would choose to not be hateful or demeaning to others in the discussion… I know it’s difficult. Let’s see how grown up we can be, shall we? Your thoughts… I’m interested.


5 thoughts on “God or Science?

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  2. Kim says:

    To God a day is like a thousand and a thousand like a day….

    I am not going to be good at debating this with you.
    1. I am horrible at remembering “chapter and verse” (I get so annoyed when people say that to me)
    2. I agree with you, although I am a little more “religious” than you. I was brought up in a cult like church and I have been trying to rebuke that way of thinking since my early 20’s.
    But everyone’s walk with God is different. And it says in the bible that he chooses us not the other way around. And it also states that we love him because he first loved us. I think that is so beautiful. But I fear not for my unbelieving friends. For God so loved the WORLD he sent his only begotten Son. The WORLD not just self righteous Christians…lol

    • I don’t know that I’d call what I’m asking for is a debate. More of an open exchange of ideas and opinions. And thank you for yours!!! I believe that whatever path you are on right now, it’s the one you are supposed to be on. And I love your answer on how long is the day. That is what I believe as well. And since God created science… then of course the big bang happened… and if you learned about that theory… then man was made from dirt. It really all jives. I think some people just have a difficult time seeing the big picture. To God… it happened in a day. But where we are… it took thousands of years. =) It may not make sense to most… but it makes perfect sense to me.

  3. kitwest61 says:

    I am sort of envious of believers who have that ability of faith. I grew up in a family of born again Christians & to be honest, whilst I love my parents, they scared the living daylights out of me. I stand a greater chance of getting my arms around the universe as understanding high religion or fundamental anything. Whilst I may not believe in what you say I defend absolutely your right to say and believe it.

  4. Sorry it took so long for me to respond….
    I guess I embrace my inner 5 year old when I say… “is easy. Just decide what you want to believe and believe it.”
    My grandmother raised me in the Methodist church. She lived in a house that was owned by the church and she did a lot of things with the church. She read the bible daily, took me to church with her every Sunday, and sent me to camp every summer. (It was a really awesome camp too.)
    She told me several things that will always stick with me. When we would come home from church she would ask me “what did you get from what pastor talked about today?” She never told me I was wrong. When I got older, I asked her about it. She said that God’s word was meant to be interpreted by the reader. Just as those who wrote it interpreted what they believed God was trying to tell them. I think that what people fail to understand is, that just like any book on religion… the bible was written by a bunch of guys inspired to write what they wrote by their God. Just as the church chose what texts to include in the bible when it was translated and put together…as inspired by their God (or their agenda, however you want to look at that.)
    She also told me that whatever path you are on… it is where you are supposed to be. You have either a)have something to learn there or b)are there as a lesson to someone else.
    Sometimes it sucks… but that’s the way it is.
    I never understood the “putting the fear of God” into people. Why would anyone follow a mean angry God? That’s just silly. If God is love, if we are his children, then why would he want us to fear him. If we know him, we have no reason to fear.
    I find it amusing when people try to over-complicate it. It ruins the experience for everyone.

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