God or Science?

I’m reblogging this because I didn’t get it on till late and apparently no one reads blogs later in the day and I really wanted some feedback on it….. so… Reblog….

Useless Data In My Head

(Day 18 of 100)

I am super excited today! What started it? An athiest friend of mine decided to start a discussion about believing in God and believing in science.
In that discussion I was told that I was stupid, closed minded, and illogical.

I wish that I was having that debate with them in person. Because while they are getting all huffy and puffy with me the more I fail to bend to their way of thinking… the more I am laughing and smiling at their unimaginative mind. The more I am saddened by the fact that they have lost their sense of wonder. How they have lost that imagination that used to give them the ability to play for hours-on-end with a cardboard box pretending it was something other than what it was. Because imagination is what breeds idea… and ideas become something tangible. And one can argue…

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