(Day 19 of 100… kind of) Yes… I’ve skipped a few days. I was out of town with the most wonderful person on earth. That being said… you can see why I would not bring my laptop along just so I could blog. Also… why I would not attempt to blog from my phone…

So I had a great weekend. I’m hoping he had a great weekend as well, as it was his idea in the first place. It seemed as though he had a lot on his mind… and even more so after we returned. I would like to think that those things didn’t have anything to do with me. In the past…. *sigh* Well, the past doesn’t really matter. We live in the now. The past was a horrible place over and over again… and I choose to not reside there any longer.

Meanwhile… back to work today. I know today is Tuesday but it was totally a Monday all the way round for me. First, my brand new computer did not want to boot. It seemed to be caught in some deranged booting loop and the Server guy had to come fix it. Apparently all it took was him re-doing everything that I had already done myself. Obviously I just needed to do it one more time. 4 was not enough.

I became astounded at Microsoft’s ability to remake something that was pretty good already and make it incredibly convoluted and redundant. “My documents” are not longer where my documents are. On XP, when I hit “my documents” it went to where my documents were stored on the server, so that I could access them from whichever computer I logged on to in the building. Now… “my documents” is a blank folder in location called “Libraries” in which I have to sort all of the crap I have already sorted into…. Because I have all the friggen time in the world to sort the things I have already sorted into redundant categories that they have already been sorted into in “my documents” folder. Grrrrrrr. At this point I have a horrible desire to light a bonfire and dance around it nekked directing a horrible curse towards the programmers of Microsoft Windows. You people are grasping at the straws of job security, by recreating things that were just fine the way they were. You are not making things better. You are making them more difficult. You are making my job more difficult and time consuming. You suck and Lucky for you I am bound by the credo of “Harm thee none.” Lucky dogs.

After work, I had to listen to my youngest child have a nervous breakdown.  Then I had to explain to her why accepting the idea that everything that is happening to you is a direct or indirect result of a decision you made. Take ownership of it. The faster you can do that, the faster you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on with your life. Once she could calm down and do that, everything would be okay. And I would be even more proud of her when she fixed the mess she got herself into. It sucks… but sometimes you have to walk into a shit storm to learn that you should really look at the big picture before walking into the shit storm. Hopefully, when it is all done and over with… she will have learned that lesson. I have faith in her. She’s a pretty smart girl most of the time.

I got to hear Josh talk on the radio about the big movie event. Feb 22nd at the Capital Theater in Yakima Wa. World Premier movie opening and fundraiser for the YWCA and their domestic violence programs. a large chunk of the proceeds will go to them. We are very excited to be partnered with them. You can make movies all day long… but the YWCA is making a difference in the lives of many. A movie is just something to entertain your brain. If you are in the vicinity… you should go. Checkout http://www.whiterosesmovie.com

Cia babies…. I feel like tea and sleep are two necessary evils I must undertake now.


Had a bad day….


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