Bad blogger

I’ve been a bad bad blogger. I’ve spent over a week away from home and did not drag my laptop along with me, so hence… no blogging. It is not that I didn’t want to blog… I guess I just did not make a strenuous effort to do so. Things I did this week… went to my movie premier. Dressed like Jessica Rabbit…. and now that I’m thinking about that I should pop over to the movie site and see if the red carpet pics are up yet… hold on…. Nope… still not up. *sad face*

Then my parents were sick… and I DO NOT WANT!! So I spent the rest of the week at my Love’s house. I had to take 2 days off of work to drive over and help my daughter clean her apartment and finish getting her moved out. Stayed at my sons… took all the kids to a tavern and had dinner. Chicken fried bacon with gravy as an appetizer… my heart hurts just thinking about it… it was fabulous! Stopped and was introduced to my brand new baby 2nd cousin… adorable! then came back only to help my Love’s oldest daughter pack her stuff in the trailer to move to Oregon. I also relocated a guinea pig. I don’t feel like I accomplished much though. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because I have a TON of sewing I need to get on. So… home I go this evening to finish rearranging the space, yet again, so that I can get on that. I would very much like to have the recently commissioned work finished by the end of the week. The letting out of a Kilt and the piecing together of a Monks habit or robes or whatever you would like to call them.

Then I have sweaters to make just in time for summer. LOL. Hand panties to ship that have been waiting to ship for far too long. It will be a grand surprise for the owners to get them. I’m sure they have forgotten them by now. *Sigh*

My Love’s middle daughter had a breakup recently I think. (Thank God… the boy was a douche-canoe beyond measure. I feel sorry for his family though… they loved her.) I did not know if I should ask her about it or not. She had a friend over to comfort her… so I let it be, but today I tweeted her about True love and to stay beautiful and strong. She Favorited it… and that made me feel pretty good. Because I really do love those kids.

Well… I’m at work… and it’s the middle of the day. And we all know that if i blog in the middle of the day it’s crap and has no substance. So I hope you enjoyed my empty blog. LOL


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