Why do my Tuesday’s act like Mondays?

Why do my Tuesdays act like Mondays and my Mondays are just normal? It’s like I’m bass-ackwards or something. Mondays are usually just fine for me. The weekend is over, it’s the first day of the week. I pop out of bed, usually early, I am early to work. I’m ready to go and Shyte gets done.

But Tuesday… that is a completely different story. It’s like somehow my consciousness doesn’t get the message that a new week has started until 24 hours too late. I have trouble sleeping Monday night, I wake up late. I hit every stop light on the way to work. I shake and drop and spill things everywhere. I can’t seem to switch gears quickly back and forth the way I can on any other day. Tuesday just sucks.

I Google’d this phenomenon and apparently this is a common thing. So… I’m not feeling too terrible about it. I mean… I’m not grumpy. I am in a really great mood, actually…. it just feels like everything is just not going smoothly. Grrrr.

On a total life over all aspect I’m noticing that I have to work harder to stay fit. My thinking is not as clear as it used to be. I’m horribly distracted most of the time. And I am hating it. So…. things need to change. Lots of things need to change. And that is a full on life thing. Not just one little thing at a time. I am really going to have to buckle under, suck it up, and just get my azz in full on change mode. *insert deep breath here.* I’ll be 45 in 2 days. Yea me…….?

I’m sure it doesn’t help that this is not what I want to be doing with my life. I am so tired of doing what I have to do to get by, vs doing what I’d love to be doing. I’m not sure how to make that happen or if I’m ever going to be able to… I have the horrible feeling that it just isn’t going to happen. I could go in and agree with my doctors that I have fibro & Chronic fatigue disorder and get on disability…. and then I could do what I want to be doing for a living because I’d have free days to do it.  I just can’t seem to do it. Aside from the fact that what I do for a living is not really inhibited by my issues. So… there’s that. I’m just not a work the system kind of girl. WTF is wrong with me? Oh yes….. I have values and stuff. *shrug*

anyway… my lunch is almost over, and I have a crap-ton to do… so we are off. Ciao babies. Please feel free to post thoughts. I like your thoughts.


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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