Oh Hi!!!!

I was going to write today…. I did write today… but it was just a lot of word vomit. So I erased it all. I think I’m just going to read. I let all the word vomit come out and my migraine has returned and my motivation is now… gone. So there’s a lesson for you…. leave the word vomit in. Because once it starts to come out it’s like a projectile vomiting dragon that flies around languidly spewing on everyone below. And I don’t care what Dane Cook says. It does not feel good and it is not magical and you do not feel better afterwards…. or maybe that only applies to after you’ve been drinking………


I’m gonna go read now. And then maybe I will feel like sewing later.


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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