Oh the tangled view I have on horrible subjects

A blogger I kind of follow… and by that I mean, I like their writing but I do not have the time to read everything they write because it kind of seems like the write all the live long day….. lucky them…… writes a lot about abortion. From what I have gathered, the reason for this is that they were an unwanted child that was lucky enough to be adopted into a loving family…. and so… if they had been aborted they would not have the opportunity to write witty, wonderful and important views of the world. And kudos to them. I am happy that all turned out well for them. Why am I telling you this… well you know me, I have to take the long way around everything and make sure you are getting a clear vision of why I’m going to share with you what I’m about to share with you….
So… anyways… this writer posted a news story the other day about people being upset because aborted fetus’s were being burned by a medical facility to create heat and/or electricity. So first off, my logical mind says “well, I’m sure that aborted fetus’s are not ALL that is being burned. I mean… that would be a hell of a lot of aborted fetus’s. I happen to know, from having worked for a company that disposed of medical waste for various places, i.e. hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s offices, kidney facilities, etc., that burning it is the best and most proper way of disposing it…. and aborted fetus’s are, unfortunately, considered medical waste. Just as is your amputated limb or an unclaimed dead body. (Actually I have no idea what they do with unclaimed dead bodies….. or bodies that have been donated to science… what do with those left overs?)” What was I saying… oh yeah… squirrell!! (I’m not at all ADD)
Anyways…. it seems logical to me to use the medical waste in a positive way such as when burning it, to make electricity or heat out of it.
When I commented this view point I was then lectured upon about how abortion is wrong and that it’s sad and that it is a horrible way to dispose of the unwanted babies.
Yes…. it is sad that the unwanted babies are not only unwanted, but murdered and then burnt for a practical use. It’s dehumanizing. And maybe my mind is just thinking that they are already dead and gone….. and there is no one to claim them. And so should we make a cemetary for all the tiny John and Jane Does to be buried. Where no one will visit or leave flowers or remember them….. That would kind of be a waste of space. And in saying that, it sounds terrible to my heart…. but it is logical.
On my view of abortion itself? I would never, could never, abort a child I was carrying. I had a tubal pregnancy once….. that was heartwrenching for me. The possiblity of a little life just blowing up my insides and causing me to bleed internally not making it into the world. I’m being serious….. I was devistated to loose the child I didn’t even know I was carrying and would never get to meet. I will not, however, condemn those who have them. I have a sour view of people that would use it repeatedly as a form of birth control. That is not, in my view, what it should be used for. I am not pro-abortion…. but I am pro-choice. It is very factual that their are far too many unwanted children in this world… and they know it. That to me is the saddest part. That they know and feel that they are unloved and unwanted. They are abused, mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically because they live with people that do not really want them or care about them. They are sold in to slavery or prostitution. They are made to feel they are worthless. They are malnurished, under clothed, under educated. They are not given the tools to succeed or to function as “normal” members of society. That, to me, is sadder and more heart breaking than the idea of them being sent back to heaven, possibly knowing for just a brief moment that they are unwanted vs a life time of knowing that they are unwanted.
This blogger I spoke of above argues…. “you cannot know of their future, of their potential” You are right… I can’t. But more often than not…. the future for an unwanted child is unfortunately… pretty bleak. Sure… there are people out there who may want them or love them… but would they EVER be connected with those people? The outcome is bleak. Some are lucky…. many are not. That blogger was so, so lucky. And I give them so many kudos on writing on this subject repeatedly and passionately. Good for you!
You can argue on this with me all day. I won’t argue with you. This is my view. This is my stand on abortion. I don’t think it’s right… but if you want to save children… save the ones that are living and breathing in this hell right now. Go find them. Adopt them. Feed them. Educate them… love them….. love them… love THEM.
Because their cause is worth fighting for. Their cause, their right now….. Imagine what your passion for a child could give them… the unwanted… the living in the right now children.
Make your voice heard in action. Not in word alone.


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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