Oh hi there! Happy Mother’s day!

Well, it’s mother’s day weekend. My son is in the Seattle area and he called me yesterday and we had a wonderfully fun conversation as my early mother’s day call because he had to work today. My daughter also had to work today… so our mother’s day is tomorrow. I think I’m getting wrinkle cream for Mother’s day. Whoot! LOL
So what did I do for Mother’s day? I hung out with my BF and his kids. We went to the farmer’s market. We went shooting. And I cooked stuffed porkchops. (I know.. you want to ask about their mom… it’s ok. She passed away a few years ago. When they went to go put flowers on her grave I stood in the living room, told her happy mother’s day and told her how amazing she was… I even cried a little. Maybe I’m a weirdo.
So… let’s switch to a happier subject.. which is food. Stuffed pork chops. Oh yes. I have a great recipe but I can’t use it anymore because I have an issue with wheat and corn and that’s what the stuffing is made of. So instead we got some oyster mushrooms that are locally grown, from the farmers market, and used half a pound of those, and then some tru roots Organic sprouted rice an quinoa blend, with some onion (salted liberally). Cook that rice with yummy spices of our choosing. I chose some bay leaf and Italian blend spices. We mixed that all together and stuffed 8 big ol’ fatty pork chops. 4 in the oven, 4 in the freezer for later enjoyment. When we browned these, we put some salt and pepper and normally I would use sage, but we didn’t have any… so I used thyme. I can’t wait to eat these… they smell amazing and the stuffing tastes fabulous! Great Mother’s day, Yo.
Hope your’s was wonderfull too.


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