Reviewing Product day… woohoo!

I have a couple things on my mind today…. (when do I not?) But today I’m going to review a few products…. product review time!!!! Yea!!!!

Review #1: The BREEZE Litter System from Tidy Cat.
It looks like this:


So… listen up cat lovers with multi-cats in the family….. this is THE BEST THING EVAH! Two cats in the home, the old litterbox always stank up the house, there were always clay granules on the floor and the dust when scooping…. dear God… why so much dust?  We got this litterbox. It comes with these pellets and these pads. We scoop out the poo daily and you change the pad in the bottom weekly. You completely change out the pellets once a month. We have not had one wiff of litterbox smell since we switched. This thing is amazing. I highly reccomend it. And the change over was not a problem… we just replaced the old box with the new box. The kitties thought it was weird… but they knew what it was for and they used it. No more litter on the floor, no more smelly, no more dust.

Review #2: The Ionic case and keyboard for your Samsung tablet.

So…. I got this Samsung Tab 3. 7″. I kind of adore it. But I needed a case…. and blogging with this touch screen keyboard is a pain….. but this little keyboard is pretty nifty! I’m using it right now! There are some weird places for things on the keyboard that take some getting used to…like the apostrophe and the question mark,  but all in all, it’s pretty functional. And it’s super cute. SUPER CUTE! It looks like this:


See! Super cute. My tablet is not that big… but I bought the one for my size tablet and it fits great. Has a special enclosure that the tablet fits in that velcros shut, and the keyboard stays in place by magnets! Pretty ingenious. I love it…. also, not shown up above, my case has a little elastic loop to hold my stylus pen. So I don’t loose it. Once you get the keyboard paired up via blue tooth… it’s a wonderful thing.

Review #3:

If you want to make your own sushi rolls…. best site ever to show you all the things you want to know to make sushi rolls as a beginner. Thank you. Thank you so very much. You get 5 stars. Did I mention we are making sushi rolls today? Yeah… we are. This is going to be AWESOME!

Now I’m just going to leave these things here. Enjoy. Also… if you are interested  in clicking and going to interesting web places…. check my clicky list to the right. You know, if you need kittens or happiness or you want to help save Saeed or if you are feeling like no one likes you. Click away.

Have a great day, my babies. Smooch smooch.