I have 10 minutes…… So let’s stay on task….

I am trying this Seinfeld thing where I spend 30 minutes every day doing something I really want to do and never seem to have time. Working out. Caring for myself, writing. I have wasted (or not – depending how you look at it) 20 of my writing 30 this morning putting away laundry.

We got the new iMac and my soul motivation was a desktop for writing. I have a lot of other things I want to do with it… but this was the big thing. So far…. the week before it arrived I had all these things pushing to get it and I shoved them back in to wait for the computer. Now that it is here, they aren’t coming back out quite right. More in an ADHD white board kind of way instead of the solid passionate conversations previously happening in my head. That’s the one thing I miss, writing every morning. Even if I really don’t have a subject. Also, this thing is like a huge bright spotlight and The Man says he doesn’t think it will bother him if I get up at 4:30am in the oh-dark-ness to write… but I type loud. Like you don’t even know. My co-workers say that when I’m really into what I’m typing I sound like an angry typer….. death by fingertips. It’s amazing  my keyboard has survived this long.

This Apple keyboard seems so dainty……. I feel like if I type on it every day I’ll kill it. Hey Apple….. how would you like me to test the longevity of your keyboard for an Angry Typer? LOL

At any rate…. let’s see how this Seinfeld thing goes…. I’ll keep you up to date. I tried it before…. It’s so hard for me to stay on task. I get sidetracked so easily. My OCD works really well for me at work in conjunction with my ADHD but not so much in  my life. Someone hand me an eraser for my white board, won’t you? It’s rather black at the moment……..

I’m interested in how others stay on task. Share with me, won’t you?


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