Schedules…. routines… or mine anyway….

First let’s start with a mistake I made on yesterday’s blog…. the Seinfeld thing. It’s actually called “Don’t Break the Chain.” So you set up something you want to do and every day you work on it, you get to put a big X on the calendar for that day. The idea is that you have an X on every day.

I think I got confused because previously I did this but I was doing 3 chains at once. LOL… because I like to go big and fail pitifully. It’s how I roll.

Anyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyyys…. (in my best Joel McHale voice)……

Let’s talk about schedules. Sigh. I have to have one. I am inherently lazy. If there is a more comfortable thing to do, like laying around with the comfy man I love and watching the boob tube or reading….. yeah. I’ll do that instead. My daily routine, however is very important to me. I NEED it. Because if life falls to crap, as it sometimes does, I have to have that routine to fall back on. And if there is no routine… how can I go into autopilot?

So when my perfect partner and I started co-habitating or even partially co-habitating, we had this perfect schedule, for me, anyway. His alarm would go off at 5am, he would get up and do his bathroom things, and then my alarm would go off at 5:30 (even though really I am already awake at 4:30) and I would get up and do my bathroom things and we would make the bed together and he would go to work and I would get ready for work and maybe fumble around the house. I have make coffee and clean things and move around a bit before I’m awake enough to actually get ready for work.

Things have changed though. I’m not sure exactly when but I know it’s been at least a year and a half if not more and I am just loathe to change my routine because I keep hoping he will go back to his. LMAO. Silly rabbit. I’m such a silly rabbit.

His routine has changed. His alarm still goes off at 5am… but he doesn’t get up until my alarm goes off. This shifts my schedule by 30 minutes and I need that 30 minutes, dang it!

I’m now realizing that I need to shift my schedule. I don’t want to get out of bed at 5… because that’s supposed to be his time, so I feel like I’m intruding… even though he is  no longer really using that time slot. He might want to. He might change his mind…. So, I need to actually start getting up when I wake up. Which would be 4:30am. Granted…. that would give me time to wake up. I can go in the basement and work out, which I desperately need to do anyways. Then I would be awake. I would have time to do a load of laundry, make the bed. I’m desperately tired thinking about it. Also, it takes away from that blissful time of waking up next to Mr. Warm and just kind of hanging out there and feeling happy.

But I feel like at the end of the day I will be so tired. But I shouldn’t be… because I’m already awake at 4:30 generally anyways….  I’m just making excuses now. I’m procrastinating. My allotted time slot for writing has ended. Have a great day. I’m off to get ready for work.

Any words of advice? How do you keep from procrastinating?


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