Today we talk about poo…..

So the Starbucks red cup thing is still a thing. Working itself into a fevered internet pitch. It’s become so idiotic it’s severely entertaining. Have you seen Ellen DeGeneres’ take on it? It’s hilarious. But I’m a big fan of Ellen. I could probably just do a whole blog full of Ellen videos and change my blog name to “Ellen’s Paradise of Happiness,” But I won’t.

In other news… I have a strange illness. My handsome man had an odd cold last weekend and I woke up Monday morning feeling a rawness in my sinuses and with a weird band like headache across my eyes and I felt like crud. All day. So the first thing that morning I put a little hydrogen peroxide in each ear and let it bubble out. The next day I just had the headache and it was bad enough that I considered calling in to work, but I did not. Part way thru the day, however, the headache went away. I literally felt fine except for stomach cramps and the thing that often accompanies it. Fortunately it wasn’t so urgent that it got in the way of working, but I did have to spend an embarrassing amount of time in the bathroom. I went home, ate dinner, felt tired but not sick. At 11:30pm more stomach cramps and several urgent trips that lasted more time than I thought necessary and that were more uncomfortable than I thought necessary I opted at about 6am to text my manager…. I’m not coming in today.

It takes a lot for me to call in sick. And it was even more difficult considering that other than the stomach cramps, I feel fine. No fever, no headache. Which makes it really hard for me to justify to myself not going to work… aside from the fact that if I urgently need the restroom, there is only one in the building and if someone is in there, I’ll be going home soon. Or if I’m on the phone with a client… also going home soon.

So here I sit. Blogging about Diarrhea. Are you impressed?


Well you should be… because currently I am NOT full of shit. LMAO!

On the other side of the coin, now I can find a media for my iMac that I can make sign stuff for work on. Good luck with that, eh? And I can think about my winter project list for work without having my creativity interrupted by those pesky phone calls about winterizing their sprinkler system which I will refer to another company because we are done with those. Way to wait till the last minute you silly person, you. *rolling my eyes*

I really am not one to talk. I procrastinate stuff all the time. *shrug*

So… I’ve spent 30 minutes on here talking about mostly poo. Time to go I think. I hope that you all are having a much better day than I. Be productive. Be positive. Be a light unto the world! Peace out.


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