It’s um…. what day is it? PREPAY DAY!

No really, I don’t know what day it is… hold on…. Monday I felt crummy, Tuesday I felt crummy, Wednesday I felt crummy, stayed at home and lost 5 lbs. (I wish….) Today is Thursday.

Prepay day! Gods I hope my paper comes in early. *please come in early… please come in early…..* Can I request that from UPS? To be the first stop of the day?

What is prepay day, you ask? Well, it’s the first round of prepay letters that we send out to our clients every year offering them to a discount if they prepay for their services for the year 2016. Thereby, locking them in for the year. It’s a great marketing tool, I think. And I just redesigned the whole thing. So excited. You are now on the corner of Savings Ave and Budget St…. because not only are we offering you the opportunity to prepay at a discount, but, if you can’t do that but want to pay an equal payment all season instead of per service (Which can sometimes be a little daunting) We have an easy pay program. Oh yeah. It’s your birthday.

I just read everything I just wrote and now I feel a little weird…. I am way too excited about this…..

I’m gonna go now….


(This totally looks like me, by the way. Totally)


One thought on “It’s um…. what day is it? PREPAY DAY!

  1. The EDSA Group says:

    What an interesting marketing tool!

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