Apple, Marzipan & Walnut Pies

Two little pies is what I have for you today, quickly cobbled together because I received a bag of apples from a friend with the comment that they were better for baking than eating. This autumn hasn’t turned out like I expected – the trees carry golden and red foliage but what I’m missing is […]

I’m reblogging this because it’s fabulous! A had some obstacles… ..  Bakeware and ADD. I don’t have ANY 7×5 1/2″ bakeware. So I used my little ramekins which are half the size. I made the mistake of getting preformed puff pastery that you are supposed to bake and fill so I had to roll them out. In the first set, I got distracted and forgot the marzipan. Is ok….Next set I remembered the marzipan and forgot the sugar. Is also ok. 

Anyways…. They are friggen adorable and delicious! I’ll do better next round. 



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