Terrorism, Greed,& Taxes. Oh My.

But do all the evil……


This morning I woke at 3am. As sleep had not returned to me by 4:30, I got up and made tea. Hells to the yeah, I made tea. And here I sit thinking about all the stupid petty shit that I see people arguing about on Facebook. The hate and fear mongering regarding Muslims and the Syrian refugees. The petty arguments about Soda tax. The stupid controversy over the Starbucks cup (yeah.. people are still stuck on that). And it goes on and on and on.

I have a lot of thoughts on all of these topics. And so it’s hard to blog about just one. I don’t feel like I have the focus. I just unfollowed a friend on Facebook today. Did not delete him, but unfollowed him. I thought about it long and hard. When all you post is negative condescending crap every day all day…. there comes a point where I no longer want to swallow your bitter little pill. And in fact…. this morning I am quite tired of everyones bitter little pill.

Here is the one thing I know with my entire being. That we were placed on this earth to love one another. To take care of one another. And all these greedy, fanatical, violent, angry, insecure, sad… and all the other negative attributes you can use to describe humans… are screwing that up.

Do I think we should help the refugees, yes. Do I think there should be a screening process? Yes, and unfortunately it probably should not be a very pleasant one, considering what we are looking for. But I also think that we should be taking care of our own. Our veterans, our homeless, our hungry. (And that’s hard sometimes, because some of those people have no desire to help themselves and will suck you dry.)But if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others? We can’t. That isn’t greedy. That is common sense. If you give all of yourself to everyone else, you are left with no resources, no strength and eventually no way to help others. And since that is our purpose here on earth…. wouldn’t it stand to reason that we also care for ourselves? That means we must also protect ourselves.

How do I suggest we do that. What? You want me to make the plan too? Can’t you hive mind it? Do I have to do all the work here? Quite honestly, I can’t. It requires hive mind, truly. You need people from all aspects of he machine to work it out. The problem is that everyone just thinks about themselves and only themselves. Instead of thinking about humanity as a whole. We are one. When you stab me in the back, you are stabbing yourself. When you shoot a room full of people, you may as well have just gone into your living room and opened fire on your entire family.

It seems as I’ve grown older, people are becoming more and more unable to put themselves in the shoes of another before acting. I’m not saying that we should be soft and weak. I’m saying that even if we don’t agree with something, we should be just as open to hearing about it as we are to opening our big fat hot air blowing mouths. Maybe we might learn something from one another.

We need to protect each other from the threat. Yes. Will there be innocent blood, very likely. Casualties of war that some people may call inconsequential. As if they don’t matter. Everyone matters.

My heart is really heavy on this subject. When I look out into the world, and see all the terrible things in it, my heart aches to the point of tears because I see all the terrible things that humans are capable of doing and at the same time I know all the wonderful things we are capable of. And I wonder why everyone doesn’t see that. Not only when they look around them, but when they look at themselves. All those negative feelings are caused by negative thoughts and actions. We all do them. Why don’t we all just start doing positive things. Why don’t we all try doing just one positive thing to help another every day? And once 1 thing gets easy to do everyday, then do 2… and so on.

But I suppose it’s just a lot easier to be selfish. And now I’m going to go be selfish. I’m going to get ready for work and focus on that. You should probably do that too.


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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