It’s Day One……

I am tired of anxiety every day. While I’m sitting at work and my chest is aching like someone just punched me in it and forgot to remove their fist…. I’m wishing I was on my treadmill so I can run it off or at least run till I fall down. When I get home, I just want a beer and to become one with a blanket. A beer drinking burrito. So… what to do?

This is not where I want to be. Things have to change. I have to change. I have to adapt. Because this is effecting my quality of life and I’m letting it. I think my whole life I’ve been allowing others to force me to adapt to them. It’s not that I mind so much… but when it upsets and resets my whole entire life… well, I kind of do.

So… Day 1… Let’s start doing something different. This weekend I am setting goals for home. Much like I set goals for work. Maybe I can actually finish projects and stuff to the point of being able to maybe do some stuff on the side for cashola. Because I have a grandson and he needs stuff.  I mean look at this cutie love of  my life!


Also.. I want to do more eventing. And I want to build some things for that. And it seems that if I fill up my life with things I enjoy, then maybe I will be too busy to notice the fist in my chest and eventually it will go away?

Ok then… Day 1….


Cram your thoughts down my throat. It makes me happy.... come on... just do it!

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